Terms & FAQs


Terms of Service?

We endeavour to provide our clients & customers with exceptional service.  This service is governed by these terms & conditions & in unusual circumstances or events, we reserve the right to withdraw these services. Where deposits have been paid or goods paid for, we will refund you in full if we cancel the project and no service has been delivered.

Design Rights?

All designs are subject to copyright & remain the property of Jonathan Maker. The use of our designs, their images and our promotional material without consent will be treated as theft. Unless written consent has been given or design fees have been agreed.  More information on design rights can be found here

Methods of Payment?

We accept payments by bank transfer: BACS or CHAPS.  We do not accept payment by credit card and we try to not facilitate or encourage client debt.

Lead times?

We work on a rolling programme of projects which typically take 8 -12 weeks.  So from an initial meeting to an installed piece can be up to 3 months.  We try and be flexible and co-ordinate with other trades on larger projects.  Work can be completed and placed in storage when required.  Kitchen projects can take longer – 20 weeks and above.

Estimates & Quotes ?

An estimate is our professional judgement for the potential costs of your project.  It can help to define and set a budget or be a starting point from which to develop the project’s specification.  A quote is a fixed price based on a specific design and specification.

Both are valid for a limited period of 30 days.


For all projects with a budget of £5,000 and above we ask for stage payments. These break down to:

  • 10% design fee payable in advance
  • 60% workshop manufacturing stage
  • 20% pre installation
  • 10% on completion

For all projects with a budget under £5,000, we ask for stage payments. These break down to:

  • 10% design fee payable in advance
  • 60% workshop manufacturing stage
  • 30% on completion

We do not normally undertake projects with a budget below £3,000.00.

Payment Terms?

Invoices are due upon receipt.  Unpaid invoices will be considered late after 7 days and balances will be subject to late payment fees.  Late payments will be dealt with in accordance to U.K Law & the 1998 Act of The Late Payment of Commercial Debts.

Colours & Spray Finishing?
We offer a service to colour match the spray finish of furniture from the colour range of leading brands. This is usually a water-based furniture lacquer with a controlled sheen. It’s supplied by a specialist paint manufacturer. The process of colour matching is computer controlled.
We take great care to provide accurate colour matches but it is not always a 100% match. There are lots of variables that affect this process – light, sheen levels and pigments. If you need an exact colour match we may need to use the branded paint and this cannot always be spray finished.


We will take great care to preserve the privacy of clients but we reserve the right to use images of our work in private & public spaces for marketing purposes. Your data is private. We will not knowingly pass it on to anyone without your consent and we will not contact you with promotional material unless you’ve asked for it.

Work overseas?

We are U.K based and currently we only work for customers in the U.K .


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All work comes with a guarantee of quality workmanship.  Our kitchens come with a 7 year guarantee*.  All our kitchens come with 6 months check over – post install.  Our fitted furniture projects come with a 2 year guarantee.  

This does not include accidental damage and normal wear & tear and it doesn’t include general maintenance.  We offer these guarantees on the understanding that the product has been appropriately maintained and looked after.   No guarantees are applicable to items or services supplied free of charge or supplied as promotional agreements.  Our warranty does not cover accidental or wilful damage or damage caused by other trades not contracted to Jonathan Maker. Our warranties are not transferable with the sale of a property.

We source and use the very best complimentary components in our furniture.  These components come with guarantees from individual manufacturers.  Examples of these brands are: Blum, Grass, Sugatsune, Loox and Hafele.  These are all established brands with excellent products & customer service.


While every effort has been made to accurately depict all items available and apply strict quality controls, the product’s status as a ‘craft object’ mean they are sometimes different. These are desirable qualities and evidence of the artisan methods involved. However, if you require perfection and uniformity, our products may not be your thing. Colours may differ in colour from those on your monitor.

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